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At Protective Film Technologies, we’re experts in the application of paint protection film, a revolutionary solution that acts as an invisible shield for your vehicle’s paint. PPF is a durable and transparent film that provides robust protection against the daily rigors of the road, including scratches, chips, and environmental damage.

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Discover the Key Benefits of Paint Protection Film:

  • Preserve Your Vehicle’s Appearance: PPF acts as an invisible shield, protecting your car’s paint from scratches, chips, and road debris, preserving its pristine look.
  • Enhances Resale Value: By keeping your vehicle’s paint in top condition, PPF can help maintain its resale value, as it prevents damage that can reduce the car’s worth.
  • UV Ray Protection: PPF blocks harmful UV rays, preventing paint fading and maintaining your vehicle’s color vibrancy.
  • Easy Maintenance: PPF is easy to clean and maintain, making it a hassle-free choice for long-term paint protection.
  • Self-Healing Properties: Some PPFs have self-healing properties, which means minor scratches or swirl marks disappear with exposure to heat.
  • Customizable: PPF can be tailored to your vehicle’s specific make and model, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless protection.
  • No Impact on Appearance: When professionally installed, PPF is virtually invisible, preserving your car’s original aesthetics.
  • Long-Lasting: PPF is a durable solution, often lasting for several years, providing continuous protection.
  • Peace of Mind: With PPF, you can drive with confidence, knowing your vehicle is shielded from the hazards of the road.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: PPF reduces the need for frequent paint touch-ups or repairs, saving you money on maintenance over time.
  • Versatile Protection: PPF can be applied to various areas, including the hood, bumper, mirrors, and more, protecting high-impact zones.

Paint Protection Film Packages

Full Front

Covers the entire hood & fenders, painted front bumper, headlights, and backs of painted mirrors.

Full Front & Rocker Panel

Covers the entire hood & fenders, painted front bumper, rocker panels, and backs of painted mirrors.

Full Car

Covers the entire painted surface of the vehicle.

What is XPEL Paint Protection Film?

XPEL Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a high-performance automotive film designed to protect your vehicle’s paint from various forms of damage. This transparent, self-healing film creates an invisible shield, guarding against chips, scratches, road debris, and environmental elements. XPEL PPF is known for its durability, clarity, and advanced technology, making it a top choice for automotive enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Protective Film Technologies takes pride in exclusively using XPEL Paint Protection Film to ensure that your vehicle not only looks its best, but also enjoys long-lasting protection against the rigors of daily driving.

XPEL Paint Protection Film Options


ULTIMATE PLUS™ stands as one of the market’s most cutting-edge paint protection films. It offers a versatile range with three different thickness options (7 mil, 8 mil & 10 mil), ensuring tailored protection for both exterior and interior surfaces. The entire ULTIMATE PLUS lineup boasts near-invisibility, effectively safeguarding your vehicle against everyday wear and tear, such as scuffs, scratches, chips, and various other damages.


  • Heat Activated Self-Healing Top Coat: Made of an elastomeric polyurethane, ULTIMATE PLUS possesses the remarkable ability to use heat to self-repair minor scratches and swirl marks.
  • Non-Yellowing: Thanks to XPEL’s exclusive film formulation, UV exposure won’t lead to film yellowing, guaranteeing that protected areas remain nearly invisible.
  • Discoloration & Stain Resistant: ULTIMATE PLUS is designed to be stain-resistant, retaining its clarity even in the most demanding conditions.
  • Prevents Wear & Tear: ULTIMATE PLUS puts an end to rock chips, nicks, and paint scratches, found in day-to-day driving.
  • Edge Seal Technologies: XPEL’s proprietary edge seal technology guarantees film adheres firmly to the surface of your car, preventing any lifting or delamination.


When it comes to maintaining the sleek, satin finish of your matte, magno, frozen, or frosted vehicle, XPEL STEALTH™ is the unrivaled choice. This innovative solution not only guards against scratches and chips but also protects your car’s original matte or satin finish, remaining effortlessly pristine, shielding it from unsightly blemishes and preserving its unique appearance.


  • Self-Healing: When exposed to heat, the film effectively eliminates minor scratches and swirl marks to restore the surface to its original condition.
  • Sleek Satin Finish: With its distinct satin finish, STEALTH effortlessly complements both matte and gloss paint finishes.
  • Easy Maintenance: Wash and dry your vehicle without worrying about damaging its exquisite sheen.
  • Warranty & Durability: STEALTH offers the same outstanding impact protection as ULTIMATE PLUS, supported by XPEL’s industry-leading 10-year warranty.
  • Custom Applications: Leverage STEALTH’s custom applications to enhance gloss aero or carbon fiber, even factory flares, splitters, and trim pieces.
  • XPEL DAP: Optimized for precision, STEALTH is specifically formulated to function with DAP, our comprehensive pattern repository.

Enhance Your Car’s Protection with Ceramic Coating

At Protective Film Technologies, we offer a dynamic combination of protection and brilliance by integrating XPEL Paint Protection Film (PPF) with XPEL FUSION PLUS™ Ceramic Coating. This synergy provides a comprehensive defense against scratches, UV rays, contaminants, and more, seamlessly applied to your vehicle’s surface. XPEL FUSION PLUS™ Ceramic Coating enhances your car’s gloss, creating a lasting shine while offering easy maintenance with its water and dirt-repelling properties.

With this powerful combination, you can confidently navigate the road, knowing your vehicle boasts top-tier protection and a show-stopping finish.

Expert Clear Bra Solutions with Protective Film Technologies

When you choose Protective Film Technologies, you’re choosing the best for your vehicle. With unmatched quality, tailored solutions, and long-lasting results, there’s no confusion as to why we’re the unrivaled choice for automotive protection.

Protect your ride out on the road—schedule an appointment today and let Protective Film Technologies serve you with the best.

Satisfied Customers

Hear what our customers say about our services.

Rodney KleginRodney Klegin
17:09 21 Oct 23
Peyton did an outstanding job on our new Grand Highlander. He tinted the windows, applied PPF and ceramic coating. He’s very knowledgeable and prompt with communication. He made us feel comfortable right away and delivered what he promised. Just book your appointment with him and you’ll be glad you did! We look forward to using him for all our detailing needs in the future.
21:29 31 Aug 23
Got my car ceramic coated here, great service! And awesome job!
Andrew RuenzelAndrew Ruenzel
00:20 31 Aug 23
Andoly GirguisAndoly Girguis
23:10 30 Aug 23
After getting my Toyota Highlander tinted along with a paint correction done at Detailed by Design the car is glowing and all the swirls in the paint are completely gone. I will definitely be coming back here soon!
Alina SeeterlinAlina Seeterlin
14:26 30 Aug 23
I brought my Honda Pilot in for a ceramic coating and I am very thrilled with how it turned out. The car has a very deep shine now and I would highly recommend ceramic coating for everyones vehicles!
Olivia ArnoldOlivia Arnold
18:22 12 Aug 23
It was an absolute pleasure working with Current and his team. Services included a ceramic coating, full frontal PPF and tint to my new Q8. Coming from someone who only just recently started researching about these services for my new car, Current was extremely helpful (and patient) in answering all my questions. I also appreciated how flexible they were with my appointment allowing it to fit better with my work schedule. Couldn’t recommend better customer service when dealing with your vehicles!
Brad TurnerBrad Turner
02:20 12 Aug 23
Fantastic group of guys that will treat your ride like their own!I had the pleasure of taking my 2023 SS 1LE and my 2023 ZL1 to Current and Peyton. They walk you through the entire process and fill you in along the way. I had PPF Installed complete front, hood, rockers, side skirts rear quarters, A pillars, and mirrors, along with full ceramic and window tint. All this on both cars. These guys knocked it out of the park. They stand behind the product and their work. This is my new go to shop for anything regarding car care.
Anna IsbellAnna Isbell
21:04 08 Jun 23
So grateful for this business!! They did a PHENOMENAL job and were able to get me in super last minute. I spilled an entire bottle of foundation all over my car and along with having confetti all over the back. When I say my car looks brand new I mean it!!! I will attach before and afters photos but they don’t even do it justice. 10/10 recommend!!!!!
Trevor DanielTrevor Daniel
20:56 11 Apr 23
Peyton & Current are the best. They go above and beyond. I've been looking around for a while for a good detailer to setup my 23' GR86 with PPF, Tint, and Ceramic and they taught me so much about the products they use and got me in and out quick. The car honestly looks better than the day I bought it. I recommend them 100%

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of vehicles can benefit from PPF?

We cater to a wide range of vehicles, including sedans, luxury cars, sports cars, and more.

Is XPEL Paint Protection Film easy to maintain?

Certainly! PPF is known for its relatively easy maintenance. It can be cleaned using standard car washing practices with a mild car wash soap and a soft sponge or microfiber cloth. The film is designed to resist stains from common contaminants like bird droppings, tree sap, and road tar, but it’s advisable to clean these off promptly to prevent potential staining. Additionally, it’s important to avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners.

How does PPF differ from Ceramic Coating?

PPF is a physical barrier that protects against scratches and chips, while ceramic coating is a liquid polymer applied to the vehicle’s surface for long-lasting shine and protection.

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