XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS vs. STEALTH: What’s the Difference?

At Protective Film Technologies, we understand the importance of keeping your car’s paint in perfect condition, which is why we offer two outstanding solutions: XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS™ and XPEL STEALTH™. The choice between these two boils down to your personal preference for a finish—glossy or matte. ULTIMATE PLUS™ is our go-to for those who want to maintain a crystal-clear, glossy look, ensuring the paint looks vibrant and new. On the other hand, STEALTH™ is perfect for those aiming for a sleek, matte finish, providing a unique and sophisticated appearance while offering the same level of top-notch protection against environmental hazards and UV damage. Both products guarantee superior protection to keep your car in pristine condition.

Let’s dive deeper into the features, benefits, and ideal applications of these two premium products.


XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS™ sets the benchmark in paint protection film technology, providing vehicle owners with peace of mind and maintaining their car’s pristine condition. Let’s delve into the benefits and ideal scenarios for its application.

Key Benefits

  • Virtually Invisible: The film is almost undetectable once applied, preserving the original appearance of your car’s paint.
  • Self-Healing Technology: Minor scratches and swirls disappear with heat, keeping your vehicle looking newer for longer.
  • Stain Resistance: Protects against stains from bird droppings, bug splatter, and air pollution, making cleanup a breeze.
  • Durability: Designed to protect against road debris, stone chips, and other abrasive elements that can damage your car’s paint.
  • UV Protection: Prevents yellowing and fading of your paint, ensuring the color stays vibrant under the sun’s harsh rays.

Ideal Scenarios for Application

Luxury and High-End Vehicles

Owners of luxury cars and high-performance cars will find ULTIMATE PLUS™ essential for maintaining the vehicle’s aesthetic and resale value. Its invisible protection ensures that the sleek, glossy finish that makes these cars stand out remains untouched.

Daily Commuters

For those who drive daily, especially in heavy traffic, ULTIMATE PLUS™ offers a protective barrier against the scratches and chips that can occur from road debris and minor collisions in parking lots.

Adventure Seekers

Cars used for off-road adventures or frequent trips in rugged terrain can benefit immensely from ULTIMATE PLUS™. Its durability is key to protecting against scratches from brush and rocks, and the self-healing properties ensure that the vehicle keeps its polished look even after rough use.

Classic Car Enthusiasts

For classic cars, maintaining the original paint is crucial not just for aesthetic reasons but also for preserving the car’s value. ULTIMATE PLUS™ offers protection without altering the vehicle’s historic appearance, making it an ideal choice for classic car enthusiasts.

Cars in Harsh Climates

Cars exposed to extreme sunlight, saltwater, or cold climates with road salt can maintain their condition with ULTIMATE PLUS™. Its UV protection and resistance to staining and yellowing are invaluable in preserving the vehicle’s paint in harsh environmental conditions.


XPEL STEALTH™ is a groundbreaking paint protection film designed for both preserving and transforming the appearance of your car. Let’s explore the benefits of STEALTH™ and the scenarios in which its application becomes particularly ideal.

Key Benefits

  • Matte Finish: STEALTH™ provides a unique matte finish, perfect for vehicles with matte, frozen, or satin paint jobs, preserving their sophisticated look.
  • Glossy to Matte Transformation: For glossy paint cars, applying STEALTH™ can change the appearance to a sleek matte finish, offering a complete aesthetic overhaul with the added benefits of paint protection.
  • Protective Properties: Shares the protective features of XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS™, such as stain resistance, self-healing technology, and durability against road debris and scratches.
  • UV Protection: Like ULTIMATE PLUS™, STEALTH™ protects against UV rays, preventing paint from fading and maintaining the matte finish’s integrity over time.

Ideal Scenarios for Application

Vehicles with Matte Finishes

Owners of cars with matte paint jobs will find STEALTH™ essential for maintaining their unique look. The film’s ability to preserve the matte appearance while offering protection is unmatched.

Glossy Cars Seeking a New Look

For car owners looking to differentiate their ride from the rest, STEALTH™ offers an innovative solution. Transforming a glossy finish into a matte one with STEALTH™ not only changes the vehicle’s appearance but also adds a layer of protection.

High-End and Customized Cars

High-end cars and customized cars that require a distinctive appearance without sacrificing protection will benefit from STEALTH™. Its matte finish adds an extra level of sophistication and uniqueness.

Cars Exposed to Extreme Conditions

Just like ULTIMATE PLUS™, STEALTH™ is ideal for vehicles in harsh climates, offering protection from UV rays, salt, and road debris. The matte finish maintains its quality appearance without showing wear from environmental exposure.

Show Cars and Specialty Vehicles

Show cars, which often feature unique paint finishes and are displayed in environments where appearance is critical, can utilize STEALTH™ to ensure they stand out. The film’s protective properties ensure that these cars remain in showcase condition.


Finish High-gloss, enhancing the car’s original paint for a showroom shine. Matte, ideal for cars with matte finishes or for transforming glossy paint to a sleek matte look.
Intended Use Primarily for standard protection, preserving the car’s original aesthetic. For altering the car’s appearance to matte while offering protection, or maintaining existing matte finishes.
Self-Healing Technology Yes, minor scratches and swirls disappear with heat exposure. Yes, includes the same self-healing properties to repair minor scratches and swirls with heat.
Stain Resistance High resistance to stains from bird droppings, bugs, and pollution, making it easy to clean. Equally resistant to stains, ensuring ease of maintenance for matte finishes.
Durability Designed to withstand road debris, stone chips, and scratches, prolonging the paint’s life. Offers similar durability against abrasions and environmental factors, tailored for matte surfaces.
UV Protection Blocks harmful UV rays to prevent fading and aging of the car’s paint. Also provides UV protection, maintaining the vibrancy of matte finishes without yellowing.

Choosing Between XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS™ and STEALTH™: A Guide to Selecting the Right Paint Protection Film for Your Car

This guide presents key questions designed to help you determine which film best suits your aesthetic preferences, protection needs, and lifestyle, ensuring your vehicle not only looks its best but is also shielded against everyday wear and tear.

Do you prefer a glossy or matte finish for your car? Glossy: Enhances the car’s original paint with a high-gloss finish. Matte: Offers a unique matte finish, ideal for cars with matte paint or for those looking to change a glossy finish to matte.
Is maintaining the original look of your car a priority? Yes: Designed to protect without altering the car’s aesthetic. No: While it protects, it also changes the appearance to matte, offering a different aesthetic.
Are you looking to protect a car with a matte paint job or convert a glossy finish to matte? No: Best suited for cars that already have or want to maintain a glossy finish. Yes: Perfect for protecting matte finishes or converting glossy finishes to a sophisticated matte look.
Do you value self-healing technology to maintain the car’s appearance? Yes: Features self-healing technology for minor scratches and swirls. Yes: Also equipped with self-healing technology, ensuring the matte finish remains pristine.
Is stain resistance from environmental elements important to you? Yes: Offers high resistance to stains, making it easier to clean and maintain. Yes: Provides the same level of stain resistance, ensuring ease of maintenance for matte finishes.
Are you concerned about UV protection to prevent paint fading? Yes: Blocks harmful UV rays to preserve the paint’s vibrancy and prevent yellowing. Yes: Offers UV protection to maintain the matte finish’s integrity without yellowing.

Find the Perfect XPEL Paint Protection with Protective Film Technologies

Deciding between XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS™ and STEALTH™ boils down to your preference for a glossy or matte finish and the level of protection you need for your car. ULTIMATE PLUS™ is ideal for maintaining a glossy look with exceptional protection, while STEALTH™ offers a matte finish with the same high standard of care. Both options feature advanced protection technologies, including self-healing and UV resistance, to keep your vehicle looking its best.

For expert advice and to choose the XPEL product that’s right for you, reach out to Protective Film Technologies. Our team is ready to assist you in protecting your car’s appearance and value. Contact us today and take the first step in giving your vehicle the ultimate protection it deserves.