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What Does Ceramic Coating Do for Cars? + Other Frequently Asked Questions

Ceramic coating is a revolutionary technology that significantly enhances your car’s paint and overall appearance. Learn what it does, how it’s applied, and find answers to common questions to determine its suitability for your ride. What is Ceramic Coating? Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that chemically bonds with a car’s paint. This bond forms […]

DIY Paint Protection Film vs. Professional Installation

Navigating the choice between DIY and professional Paint Protection Film (PPF) installation is a crucial decision for car owners aiming to preserve their car’s aesthetics and value. While DIY offers flexibility and a sense of accomplishment, it comes with the risk of mistakes and requires significant time and effort. On the other hand, professional installation […]

XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS vs. STEALTH: What’s the Difference?

At Protective Film Technologies, we understand the importance of keeping your car’s paint in perfect condition, which is why we offer two outstanding solutions: XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS™ and XPEL STEALTH™. The choice between these two boils down to your personal preference for a finish—glossy or matte. ULTIMATE PLUS™ is our go-to for those who want […]

Should I Combine Paint Protection Film with Ceramic Coating?

Combining Paint Protection Film (PPF) with Ceramic Coating provides the ultimate protection for your car, merging PPF’s physical barrier against chips and scratches with Ceramic Coating’s chemical bond that repels water and contaminants. This synergy enhances your car’s appearance with a glossy finish, ensures longevity by protecting against UV rays, and reduces maintenance needs. At […]

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