Peyton Wright founded Protective Film Technologies (PFT) to take charge of his career and apply his extensive automotive industry skills to a new business venture. His goal was not only to create a sustainable enterprise for himself, but also to provide a supportive environment for his employees. Peyton’s vision for PFT extends beyond automotive applications; he enjoys finding innovative ways to apply protective film and ceramic coatings across various industries, enhancing the quality and longevity of everyday items for clients.

Peyton Wright finds great satisfaction in using PFT as a creative outlet, exploring new applications for their protective film and ceramic coatings. His goal is to grow PFT from a small shop into a widely recognized brand known for its quality products and outstanding service. He also aims to build a reputation for having excellent employees and strong management, positioning PFT as a leader in the industry.

Outside of work, Peyton enjoys spending quality time with his family, nurturing strong and meaningful connections. He has a passion for fast cars, a hobby that keeps him connected to the automotive world and fuels his enthusiasm for innovation. Additionally, Peyton loves to travel, exploring new places and cultures, which provides him with fresh perspectives and inspiration. These interests keep him inspired and motivated in his personal life, but also drive his commitment to excellence at PFT.